The centrepiece of the project is a book, “THIS IS OUR TOWN”, from which the exhibitions and website will stem.

This book will be an impressionistic photo- documentary informed by my own experience of growing up in Elizabeth.

Consisting of photographs accompanied by succinct, extended captions, the book will explore several main themes: the relationship between GMH and the community, the experiences of people affected by the closure both professionally and personally, and, importantly, community resilience. These will touch on subjects such as the migrant experience, the sense of community, characters and role models, and how where one grows up helps shape you.

Underlying all this is the inescapable knowledge that the GMH Elizabeth Plant closed in 2017. The withdrawal of GMH marks the end of a significant era. The key driver of the city’s prosperity over the last 60 years is be gone.

This transition will be a very important and poignant one in the context of the social history of South Australia.

Forces that are largely global and universal are writing a new chapter. However, the impact will be personal and painfully local.

This impact is something I also wish to explore and document.

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“I am who I am today because I grew up in Elizabeth.”

Jimmy Barnes