The accidental winemaker

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Ed Carr, an ex-Elizabethan and Group Sparkling Winemaker with Accolade Wines.

Ed’s journey has been an interesting one. Arriving with his family as ‘ten pound poms’ in 1964, they soon found themselves settling in Elizabeth. After “bumbling” through local schools, Ed studied microbiology and chemistry at university, believing he was destined to become a chemist.

Instead, Ed became a winemaker. Working at a winery as a chemist and microbiologist, he was drawn to winemaking because “it’s about the science”.

Thirty-five years on, Ed has an influential role with Accolade Wines, responsible for the production of, among others, the Arras brand, considered by many to be Australia’s finest sparkling. In 2011 he was named Winemaker of the Year by Australian Gourmet Traveller Wine magazine.

Ed remembers growing up in Elizabeth with fondness. Although the city has a reputation for being a bit rough, Ed feels Elizabeth is no different to many other places. The only time he sensed any stigma about his Elizabeth origins was at Norwood Oval watching his local football side Central Districts play, where a wag in the crowd shouted, “Centrelink is that way, guys!” Typical.

20190408_E Algra_0011a copyEd Carr



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