Suburban Landscapes

In an earlier post I included a photograph from the series ‘Suburban Landscapes’, an assignment I completed while studying photography in Adelaide back in the early 1980s.

The initial idea was to revisit old haunts in the foothills out back of Elizabeth, where I explored and played as a child. The plan was to take photographs that evoked nostalgia for that time in my life.

I soon discovered, however, that the proliferation of new housing was far greater than I’d anticipated, so I decided instead to document those changes.

I presented the photographs in a hand-made book, with the photographs in a sequence that began with empty paddocks, showing the gradual intrusion of development through to completed houses, shops and churches.

Revisiting this project was intriguing in the context of my current ‘This is Our Town’ initiative on Elizabeth.

It’s apparent that my approach at the time was highly influenced by a favourite photographer of mine, Robert Adams, an influence that continues to this day.

suburban landscapes cover The book cover. Nice house in the Fields for just 32.5K!

untitled-1   View from Blair Park Dve.  Craigmore

untitled-2  Blair Park Dve. Craigmore

untitled-3  Christine Ave. Hillbank

untitled-4 copy  Wanbi Crt. Craigmore

untitled-5 copy  Waltham Cnr. Craigmore

untitled-6 copy  Marian Cres. Hillbank

untitled-7 copy  Rear view of Hilltop Bve. Hillbank

untitled-8 copy  Stanley St. Hillbank

untitled-9 copy  Gladman Cl. Hillbank

untitled-10 copy  Craigmore Christian Centre









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