Looking back, looking forward.

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2018 was a busy year for the Elizabeth Project.

I got to meet lovely people and take lots of nice photographs.

A highlight was getting to know the ‘three Andrews’: Andrew Senior, his son Drew and his grandson Andy. They had all worked at the Holden factory in Elizabeth, which they speak of fondly, particularly the friendships they made. “They become your family,” according to Drew. Between the three Bradleys, they put in 77 years at Holden. Andrew Senior was there for 30 years, Drew for 38 and Andy nine. An impressive record, one that would be hard to match in this era of career fluidity.

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The most significant development for the Elizabeth Project in 2018 was the ‘THIS IS OUR TOWN’ exhibition, hosted by the Playford Civic Centre in August. This was the perfect venue to present a selection of photographs taken over the past four years to the people of Elizabeth. And they seemed to love them! It was a delight to see people engage with the work from their particular understanding of what it means to be an Elizabethan.


In planning this project, the end of 2018 was to be the deadline for all photography. However, more interesting people have emerged and agreed to be part of the project. So, photography will recommence in January. Watch this space.

Work continues on the ‘THIS IS OUR TOWN’ book and the History Trust of South Australia has come on board by way of a grant to assist with the cost of publishing. This is terrific news for the Elizabeth Project. Thank you!

To all who have followed and supported this project, thank you, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

I look forward to keeping you updated in 2019.