One year on

20171020_E Algra_0189

Today marks one year since the closure of Holden in Elizabeth. Spending the day there on the 20th of October 2017 is still very fresh in my mind. The media presence, the many Holden cars and, of course, all the people that came from far and wide to celebrate Holden and its workers and to grieve the passing of the Australian brand. It was all very moving.

So, where are things at now for the people that worked there?

A couple of interesting articles worth a read –

I remember talking to a Holden enthusiast for this project who told me there would be no Commodore within two years of the closure. The loyalty of Holden drivers to theĀ  Commodore and the fact they were built in Australia by Australian workers has proved to be very strong and was possibly underestimated by General Motors. Here we are only one year later –