Never too old to Rock and Roll

Since 2010, members of the Silver Beat Rock Choir have been shaking the foundations of the Grenville Community Connections Hub in Elizabeth each Monday at rehearsal.

Now numbering up to 40 members, these over-65s sure know how to rock – and defy stereotypes.

They love performing and do so as often as they can. They’ve entertained at nursing homes, the Adelaide Convention Centre and the Festival Theatre. Mostly older people, the audiences are always appreciative, more often than not ready to leap up and dance and sing along.

One of the choir’s favorites is the Angels classic, ‘Am I Ever Gonna See your Face Again?’ Between them Silver Beat members changed the lyrics to ‘We Don’t Ever Have To Go To Work Again’. The notorious audience response the Angels provoked during live performances, a quintessential Aussie expression, has also been softened to the more polite, ‘No Way, Get Lost’.

Founding member Lyn Howard always feels energised after Silver Beat rehearsals and performances and says her involvement is a great deal of fun, as it is for all choir members. There is also an important social side that they value. Many choir members live alone and get help and hope through participating in Silver Beat.

Lyn says she’ll continue singing until she can’t do it anymore.

She told of a recently departed choir member who held forth until the ripe old age of 91. The choir sang at her funeral, where she was buried in her Silver Beat costume, replete with a mauve wig, headband and fishnet stockings and mittens.

That’s dedication.

Lyn Howard

Lyn, at home with Piper.

20171016_E Algra_0440 copy

And at rehearsal.

20171016_E Algra_0446 copy

No way, get lost!

20171016_E Algra_0442 copy

The set list.

20171016_E Algra_0526 copy

‘These boots are made for walking.’

20171016_E Algra_0488 copy

No surprise that they would sing this old favorite.

20171016_E Algra_0521 copy

The band.

20171016_E Algra_0498 copy

Having fun.

20171016_E Algra_0482 copy

All together now . . .