Exhibition locked in

I’m very pleased to announce there will be an exhibition of my photographs from this project at the Playford Civic Centre during the South Australian Living Artists Festival in August 2018. There will also be a book launch.

This will be a fine culmination of all the work that has gone into the project. Many thanks to Lisa and Lee at the City of Playford.

20150326_E Algra_0196


On the last, last lap

In an earlier post I described my initial visit to the Holden factory in Elizabeth, which is due to close in mid-October.

I’ve since returned and taken more photographs as things wind down. Although I knew what was coming, it proved just as emotional as that first visit.

This time I spent more time exploring, and the human presence in this state-of-the-art factory were evident. I chatted with workers whose personal effects marked out their personal work spaces.

The posters, hand-drawn murals and indoor plants were a poignant reminder of the people at the heart of this well-organised factory and the Holden brand.

20170721_E Algra_0057 copy

One of many terrific murals painted by (ex) employee Russell.

20170721_E Algra_0140 copy

Smiley faces.

20170721_E Algra_0266 copy

Adult apprentice Michael who, fortunately , will be continuing his apprenticeship elsewhere after the closure.