Some old haunts

I recently visited sites around Elizabeth that were favorite hangouts for friends, siblings and myself when we were kids.

I’m looking forward to seeing them again in more favourable light.

Uley Road Cemetery

Just outside Elizabeth, the Uley Road Chapel was an isolated and spooky place at night. Kids would drive up there when it was dark and frighten each other with scary stories. Sadly the Chapel no longer stands.

20170608_E Algra_003520170608_E Algra_0050 copy20170608_E Algra_0055 copy


The olive grove

With its gnarly old trees that in places would block out the light even on a bright day, there was always a sense of mystery about the old olive grove. Still, it was fun tearing along its many paths on pushbikes.

20170608_E Algra_0074

The quarry

The old quarry is now all fenced off for the local Pistol Club. Back in the day, kids would climb rock faces of varying difficulty here. I remember one unfortunate boy got himself stuck and needed rescuing. He made the front page of the newspaper for his efforts.

20170608_E Algra_0126 copy

The old go-cart track

Disused for a very long time, it is surprising that remnants of the old go-cart track still exist. It doesn’t really seem so intimidating to look at it now, but for many kids racing down here in a home made go-cart at full speed was quite terrifying.

20170608_E Algra_0108 copy

The lookout

A lookout has been built next to the old quarry. It offers a panoramic view right across Elizabeth. Here we can see the Holden factory lit up by the afternoon sun.

20170608_E Algra_0118 copy

4 thoughts on “Some old haunts

  1. Excellent blog Eric.
    I loved Uley Chapel as a kid, my older brothers would take and their girlfriends there, we’d have a blast, of course they scared us all to hell LOL


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