Keeping an eye on the positive

The last few months I’ve been discussing my Elizabeth Project with a variety of interesting people. The feedback has been positive and I’ve received some very helpful advice.

Something I have been conscious of since conceiving the project, though, is to not just concentrate on what’s going wrong in Elizabeth but to also incorporate photographs that show some of the positive things happening in the city.

I admit to a propensity to explore the decayed and abandoned (some of these images can be seen on my website), as I am interested in the mood such subjects evoke.

While spending time in Elizabeth meeting people, I use the opportunity to take photographs and, naturally for me, I’m drawn to sites that appeal to my aesthetic. They may be rundown or degraded, but I see a real beauty in them.

There is a different aesthetic in the positive. In places that fall on hard times, it’s easy to fixate on the obvious, the decaying, and miss the dignity of resolve and achievement.

Something that emerges when I visit Elizabeth is the deep feelings I have for the city and the strengthening of my resolve to create a project that is both meaningful and positive about the future.

20150123_E Algra_0047