It’s been many years since I last lived in Elizabeth. The city has, however, always stayed close to my heart.

Growing up there certainly had its difficulties but the fond memories are many.

One of the remaining bonds I have with the city is with the local footy club, Central Districts. I still very much enjoy going to the home games when I can. Something I’ve been doing now for fifty years.

20150123_E Algra_0080

Elizabeth Oval today

Often when heading out there I would drive by some old landmarks. The local shops, my old schools and the ‘double banger’ that was our family home for around twenty years.

E Algra_210314_0290

The ‘Top’ shops, Elizabeth East

Seeing the old home always brings on a bout of nostalgia as well as some sadness. It looks nothing like it did when we lived there. The wonderful garden my father cultivated is all gone. We all loved the fruit tees and the grape vine covered pergola out the back.


The house where I grew up, 1985

The story of how we ended up in Elizabeth is a common one. Displaced by the Second World War, my parents couldn’t go past the opportunity to settle in a place that provided work, good schools and amenities as well as hope for the future.

Like my father, I also worked at GMH. Just for a short time, before I first studied photography.

The announcement that GMH are to close their Elizabeth plant in 2017, for me, brought on a great deal of memories and emotions. It also sparked the desire to tell the story of people who like our family, lived there, worked there and held dreams for the future.

Hopefully, during this process, I will discover there is hope for a positive future for my old hometown.


The Doggies faithful celebrate another premiership, 2004